Tunisia-[Video]El Ghriba synagogue :PM Mechichi sends a message of tolerance

El Ghriba synagogue :PM Mechichi sends a message of tolerance" ]

Prime minister Hichem Mechichi paid a visit to El Ghriba synagogue to observe the start of the pilgrimage. He was accompanied by Tourism Habib Ammar and the Minister of Religious Affairs, Ahmed Adhoum.

During the visit, Mr Mechichi delivered to Tunisian and foreign Jewish pilgrims a message of tolerance and peace between communities and religions, emphasising that Tunisia is a land of cohabitation and plurality.

“Tunisia welcomes all its children whatever their beliefs and their origins” he announced.

In the same context, Mr Mechichi highlighted the historical and religious significance of the synagogue and the pilgrimage of El Ghriba nationally and internationally, indicating that notwithstanding the absence of the celebrations due to the critical health situation, he wanted to go there while respecting the measures of distancing and wearing a mask.

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