Tunisia-[Video]Parliament has not received any request for waiver of immunity

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Parliament communications officer Maher Medhioub stated that the parliament Numérique is not a place for fugitives to hide. The Parliament order office and the general secretariat have not got any request for the waiver of immunity.

The prosecution simply requested for the hearing of some deputies including Saïd Jaziri, he said.

In principle, it would be natural for the Parliament to ignore this request because “the assembly is not a mailman “. Nevertheless, she chose to forward this request to the Member concerned.

Evoking the presumption of innocence, Medhioub stated that the request for the waiver of immunity does not amount to guilt.
He called on the President of the Republic to issue a list of names of the 29 deputies who, according to him, would be touched by these requests, believing that some parties have intentionally communicated bad information to him on the subject.

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