Tunisia-What you can do in case of Visa refusal for France [Audio]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, attorney Hatem Chelly said that the person whose visa was rejected by the consular services of France in Tunisia or elsewhere can challenge this decision to appeal against the Visa refusal decisions in Nantes.

”If after two months of the date of appeal to the Commission, no answer has been given to the person concerned, he may in this case contest the implicit denial of his request and make an appeal to the Nantes administrative court with the required supporting documents. The court will consequently examine the request in a contradictory manner. For its part, the Commission will transmit conclusions that can substitute the decision of the French Consulate in Tunisia.

The court will review contradictorily the decisions of the two parties and will then reveal its decision: either confirm the request for refusal or grant the visa requested to the applicant, ”explains Chelly.

Our speaker adds that applicants can likewise resort to justice to seize the Ministry of the Interior in order to request a visa if the conditions for the urgency justify it.

”Several individuals have resorted to this solution but this procedure cannot be applied to everyone; First of all, we need to respect all procedures for short or long-stay visas. The consular services will, in both cases, review the request while taking into account the economic situation of the country, and the risk of visa diversion or maintaining illegally on French territory … This is an international examination of the situation of the person. I encourage all the people whose rights have been flouted to seize justice and make an appeal to the Commission in question, “he said.

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