Tunisia- Zouhair Maghzaoui : Tunisians will be extremely relieved if Ennahda is out of governance

Speaking to Shems FM, “Echaab ” Secretary-General Zouhair Maghzaoui expressed that Tunisians will be extremely relieved if Ennahda is out of governance.

It is a not exclusion because Tunisia can accommodate everyone, however, it’s not written on the brow that either Ennahda governs or there is nothing, he added.

He pointed out that the movement ruled for  9 years, with various parties, and the result is visible to the public today.

He exclaimed they are a respectable party and the first in the elections, and it sought to form a government but failed, but it is not the determinant, adding that “the reason for the disagreement with them is that we have cut off the path of appointments to them,” remarking that they informed the movement more than once that they are partners in the government and are not the ruler.

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