“Tunisian expatriates in Sudan are safe” Tunisia’s consul in Sudan

Tunisia’s Consul in Sudan Maher Zaghouan underlined that “Tunisian expatriates in Sudan are safe despite the trauma they have to endure.”  

He added that they are being contacted instantaneously while referring to the resumption of armed clashes, on Monday, following “a cautious calm” on Sunday night.

Speaking to private radio station “Jawhara FM”, the consul said that the process of evacuating the Tunisian community in Sudan has not been addressed yet due to the absence of safe exits.  

Zaghouan spoke of indiscriminate shelling and street warfare in Sudan, reiterating that “the current situation requires all Tunisian nationals stay indoors until further notice.”

The Tunisian diplomatic mission is currently making contacts with heads of Arab missions to discuss a joint plan and study all developments in Sudan, pointing out that the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, is open to several scenarios.

The consul explained that several neighborhoods in Khartoum were bombed resulting in water and power cuts, therefore some people have not been able to make phone calls.

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