Turkey -After a third family commits suicide, a mystery benefactor repays debts of Istanbul’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Turkey most affluent Poor neighbourhoods have been ignited with boundless generosity as an unidentified patron is leaving envelopes of needed cash on doorsteps and voluntarily paying off debts at local grocery stores in Istanbul’s deprived neighbourhoods, the Guardian published.
Local inhabitants of Tuzla municipality in the province of Istanbul, a widely working-class shipbuilding region on the Asian side of the city, were overjoyed to fortunately discover their grocery bills have been promptly paid and cleared by an anonymous male benefactor.
Coşkun Yılmaz, the owner of one of the shops recounted to Turkish news agency Demirören that someone arrived and requested him to reveal the notebook recording customers debts
“There were four people with large amounts outstanding and I told him where they lived. He came back again after talking to them and paid all the debts. I also learned he gave extra cash to those families,” Yılmaz stated. When asked about his name Yılmaz said ‘Just call me Robin Hood’.”

The apparent rise of the secret Robben hood corresponds respectively with a remarkable string of collective suicides in the country, which is healing from a currency crisis in 2018 that prompted food prices and rent to instantly fly. 

The county has been shaken by the suicide of three families in the span of two due to what appears  severe economic conditions.
The Bakirkoy district governor’s office announced in a press release that introductory information showed that cyanide was used, much like two other suicide cases in the same month

Despite considerable progress in inflation rate unemployment is still rising in the country while prices of electricity are 10 times more costly than the previous year, the Guardian said. 

“I have been here for 30 years and it was the first time I came across such a deed. My customers were very happy and wanted to see him but I don’t know who he is. He did not give his name and said he was doing this ‘only to earn God’s blessing’,” Tuncay Yaşar, a grocer in Tuzla, said.


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