Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Speech At Djerba summit

Dear friends and leaders

‘I want to share with you a typical day in our country which is unfortunately not our fault, during a day of this week ask yourself, what occupied you last Tuesday, what concerned you ..what did you feel. Last Tuesday in Ukraine, nearly hundreds and different missiles were against our city, residential buildings, companies, and power units. Do you know what these missiles’ hit corresponds to? it’s more than 20 million without electricity this was the damage to the electoral system. this was the stop of an immediate emergency”.

Two reactors of our nuclear plants also stopped working as a result of the damage of the missiles to industrial energy.

Ladies and Gentlemen

You know the terrible war Russia is waging against Ukraine

“You all know how we want to restore peace. All of you can hear what we propose for this. The Ukrainian formula for peace is clear and each point of it is completely elaborated. Radiology and nuclear safety, food security energy safety, the liberation of all prisoners and deported, implementation of the UN charter, re-establishment of territorial integrity of Ukraine, and world order”.

“The retreat of Russian troops and the cessation of hostility, re-establishment of justice, actions against ecocide, and prevention of escalation, set the end of the war, each of these points is a specific solution for what must be done for security”.


‘The Russian aggression will not stop simply, stability and predictability will be restored for all in the world that is why our peace formula is one of peace for all. I suggest for all leaders and conscious countries choose the element of the formula of peace that you can help us to enforce. Ukraine really wishes for peace but to establish peace we need your support. That is why I’m addressing you now, Ukraine helps dozens of countries in the world, whose security depends directly on its cooperation with Ukraine”.


“We know with certainty this year It turned out to be again when Russia blocked the black sea and our ports with some millions of people in diverse countries finding themselves on the edge of a severe food crisis when we succeeded in restoring the exportation and sending millions of tonnes of Ukrainian agricultural products to the food market. A feeling of stability finally started to appear that why it’s very important to stop the Russian aggression, it doesn’t only concern our country that Russia is trying to control not only our lands and resources that Russia wants to appropriate, its something that goes beyond it’s about the stability of everyone in the world and Radiology security as well as yours so that no Russian missiles strike our nuclear plants, it’s about our security energy and yours, so that the destabilization of energy markets that Russia is using as an arm finally stops. It is about our food security and yours so that people have basic foodstuffs on their tables”.


“Peace for Ukraine and for you too. Today is 270 days of the large-scale war, Russia used more than 4700 missiles, and hundreds of our cities quite simply burned. Thousands of people died, a hundred thousand were deported by force to Russia, and Millions of people left Ukraine for other countries to escape the war we need to stop, we need to stop the Russian aggression, I say always the return to peace is possible but it’s possible of everyone understands that no one in the world deserves a single day of terror”.

Thank you for your support and attention 
Glory to Ukraine.








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