Bolivia mayor Evo Morales has hair forcibly cut by protesters

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales denounced an assault on mayor Patricia Arce in which an opposition crowd violently cut her hair, covered her in paint and moved her barefoot through the streets.

News circulated that two opposition demonstrators had been killed nearby in disputes with supporters of president Evo Morales, provoking an outraged group to march to the town hall.

The protesters denounced Mayor Arce of having bussed in supporters of the president to try and break a blockade they had set up and indicted her for the reported deaths, one of which was later affirmed.
Amid shouts of “murderess, murderess” masked men dragged her through the streets barefoot to the bridge. There, they made her kneel, cut her hair and soaked her in red paint. They also forced her to sign a resignation letter.
Ms Arce was finally delivered over to the police who took her to a local health centre.

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