Tunisia-[Audio]Noureddine Bhiri’s case -Ahmed Nejib Chebbi : Interior Minister failed on these points

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique,Al Amal Ahmed Nejib Chebbi leader remarked on comments by Interior Minister Taoufik Charfeddine on the arrest of Noureddine Bhiri.

He divulged that the minister failed to enlighten public opinion on the circumstances of Bhiri’s kidnapping, emphasising that the data emitted to the public was not reassuring.

According to him, Charfeddine has again fallen to explain Bhiri’s “enforced disappearance”, making it clear, along the same lines, that nothing in the law justifies the detention of an individual in an unknown location.

Indicating that the arrest does not comply with the law, Nejib Chebbi stated Charfeddine failed to give legal justifications for the house arrest based on a case that dates back several years.

“Charfeddine has attempted to make it appear that there are suspicions of terrorism related to the leader in question, but it is up to the judiciary to decide the case. The minister has confirmed that there is a dispute between the Interior Ministry and the judiciary, ”he said.

Nejib Chebbi likewise said that the judiciary declined to obey Charfeddine’s dictates, adding that the latter does not respect the independence of the judiciary and the principle of the separation of powers.

The politician told that Charfeddine did not reassure Noureddine Bhiri’s state of health, telling the minister threatened to bring other politicians to the military court for inciting disobedience.

“The remarks of the Minister of the Interior confirmed the fears of the parties concerned in Tunisia and abroad about the infringement of rights and freedoms,” he said.

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