Tunisia – Closure of nursery where children were completely neglected

The Ministry of Families, Women, Children and the Elderly stated, Friday, the immediate shutdown of a school daycare in one of the governorates because the children there are exposed to neglect and a clear and continuing failure in education and care, and are exposed to the most risky threats, as they were left alone and unsupervised, allowing them to watch “immoral films”, according to a report from the child protection representative.

Confronted with this “dangerous” offence, the ministry called on the various school daycare centres and nurseries to respect the requirements of the school nursery specifications and to take into account the principles of the best interests of the child enshrined in the Journal of Rights of the Child.

The ministry confirmed that it is in the process of checking the specifications relating to school incubators in consultation with the various players in the field, remarking that the notification obligation falls on all citizens, men and women, by calling the toll-free number 1809 or by reaching the regional offices of child protection delegates directly or via the child protection portal at the following address: www.dpe.tn

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