Tunisia – SNJT plans to declare general strike

President of the Union of Journalists “SNJT” Zied Dabbar, confirmed today, Wednesday, May 22, 2024, that the union is compelled to undertake a series of actions while seriously contemplating a general strike, as well as other measures, and that this will be announced shortly.

The president of the Journalists’ Union announced that Decree 54 made journalists and citizens in general citizens on conditional release, assessing that “the raids have become almost random”.

He added that the individuals arrested today, based on Decree 54, were not for having perpetrated a crime against public law, but rather criticized a specific situation and voiced their positions, emphasising that the Journalists’ Union organized, today, a demonstration in front of the court of first instance of Tunis, in solidarity with the principle and law, and defence of everyone’s right to expression.

In this context, he added: “At the meeting of the extended executive board of the Union of Journalists, we presented to our colleagues the next stages of the protest… and after the rally in front of the court, the demonstrations will continue, frequent.” We are seriously considering a day of journalistic anger. The situation is extremely serious and dangerous, requiring unity among the journalistic ranks to virtually save what remains of this profession.

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