Museum Night: BCT Currency Museum tells rich history of Tunisians (Program)



The “Tunisian Museum Night” event is fixed to take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024, bringing enjoyment to both adults and children during the holy month of Ramadan. This dynamic event is the product of cooperation between the Agency for Heritage Development and Cultural Promotion (Amvppc), the National Heritage Institute (INP), and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. In its fourth edition, the event will see 16 museums opening their doors in the evening, free of charge. Among them, the Currency Museum of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) will once again partake, showing visitors a glimpse into Tunisia’s rich history and cultural heritage spanning nearly 25 centuries. Located on Avenue Mohammed V in the capital city of Tunis, this museum is a treasure trove showcasing centuries of cultural evolution.


The primitive currency, coins minted in special metals and today’s banknotes displayed on site faithfully reflect the course of a multicultural society rooted in the Mediterranean and the Middle East… Through the objects on display, we learn to what extent the lives of individuals are certainly made up of economic imperatives but also of know-how and artistic sensitivity. It is this enchanting story that the coins made by metallurgical artisans tell. This clarifies why currency has had this prominent place in the history of cities, since Antiquity, in the East as well as in the West. This is evidenced by the coins issued by powers such as Carthage, Athens, Rome, Byzantium and later the Umayyad, Abassid, Aghlabite, Fatimid, Zirid, Hafsid, Ottoman dynasties, etc.

It’s all this and other wonders that you will see at the Currency Museum tomorrow Saturday. Please note that the country’s museums will offer free workshops and activities. Here is the complete list of museums and centres taking part in the event: The museums of Bardo, Nabeul, Kerkouane, Sousse, Nefidha, Monastir, Mahdia, El Djem, Moknine, Sfax, Kairouan, Rakada, Sbeitla and Douz. To be added to the Presentation Center for the history and Monuments of the Medina of Tunis and the Presentation Center for the cultural heritage of Testour (Beja).


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