The level of English of Tunisians is good, average or bad?

According to the EF EPI 2023 study published by the Swiss-based firm Education First, the level of English in Tunisia is “Average”. With a score of 502, Tunisia is placed 63rd in the world for English proficiency which ranked 113 countries. The index classifies Tunisia 6th in Africa.

Data and figures from the EF EPI 2023 demonstrate that in terms of the use of English in the economy, Tunisia is likewise classified in the “Middle Level” zone.

“Simple measures of wealth and trade correlate consistently with English proficiency, but these connections are not as strong as those that exist with more complex indicators of economic balance, productivity, and potential. In this sense, English is like other skills in a modern workforce: English alone does not increase wages or trade, but a more efficient workforce tends to speak better l ‘English’, underlines the study

According to the same study, the North-East district is ranked first in Tunisia in terms of English proficiency with a score of 515.

As for cities, Tunis dominates the order of Tunisian cities in terms of English proficiency with a score of 533.

The evolution of skills shows Tunisians in the 26-30 age group have the best command of English with an average score of 522.

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