Tunisia-A doctor warns against contamination of coastal waters by poliovirus and typhoid fever

Doctor  and president of the Environmental Education Association in Hammamet, Salem Sahli, sounded the alarm on Monday, November 13, 2023, alerting of the gravity of the environmental situation on the coast.

In a statement to Jawhara FM, the doctor stated that wastewater was dumped directly into the sea in several places in Hammamet. According to him, several viruses are present in wastewater, including poliovirus and the viruses responsible for hepatitis A and typhoid fever.

The doctor warned of infection of coastal waters and fish caught in surrounding areas. “All of this then ends up on the Tunisians’ tables! “, he denounced.

He called for urgent measures to be taken denouncing the negligence of the authorities in charge who keep passing the buck and dodging their responsibilities. He emphasised the necessity to take action by directing the discharge of polluted water elsewhere than into the natural environment.

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