Tunisia-Tunisians in TOP 10 Arab nationalities who visited Turkey this year

About six million tourists visited Tunisia at the end of August 2023, but what about the Tunisian tourists who travelled this year? Turkey is among the preferred destinations for many Tunisians for different reasons.

According to figures from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, at the end of August 2023, 94.8 thousand Tunisians visited Turkey. Tunisians designated 0.35% of tourists (all nationalities combined) in Turkey and the 10th Arab nationality among the Arab nationalities who visited Turkey this year. Arab tourists accounted for 9% (2.48 million) of total tourists in Turkey.

  • Iraq: 604,400
  • Saudi Arabia: 511,900
  • Kuwait:229,500
  • Jordan:228,000
  • Morocco: 141,500
  • Algeria: 140,100
  • Lebanon: 130,700
  • Libya: 102,800
  • Egypt: 99,700
  • Tunisia: 94,800

As a reminder, Tunisians’ expenditure connected to transfers for tourist allowances registered an increase of 23.8%, going from 550.9 MD in the first half of 2022 to 682 MD at the end of June 2023.

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