Tunisia-[Video]Socio-economic situation: Abdelhamid Jelassi fears the worst

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Former Ennahdha Movement member Abdelhamid Jelassi criticized the current administration as well as its command of the current socio-economic crisis.

Jelassi stated that some members of the government touched by the cabinet reshuffle have yet to begin performing their duties. Highlighting its consecutive communication failures, Jelassi condemned the latest restrictive measures decreed by the government, including the establishment of general lockdown.

He added that the government crisis is merely the tip of the iceberg hinting at political conflicts between the different parties, Attached to this is the ongoing uncertainty and international pressure exercised on Tunisia.

According to him, this difficult situation on all fronts can worsen the crisis of confidence between the Tunisian people and Kasbah. Calling the current situation catastrophic, Jelassi maintained it can prompt socio-economic collapse.

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