Couscous Index – September 2023: How much does a couscous dish cost for 4 people in Tunisia?

With the purpose of surveying inflation which is hitting the Tunisian economy and especially Tunisian households hard, Tunisie Numérique in collaboration with Tunisie Survey plans to launch the couscous index.

Couscous is an emblematic and very significant dish for Tunisian families. Couscous is a family staple. It is depicted as “the people’s dish” because of its long history, its simplicity of preparation, its adaptability and its ability to encourage sharing and conviviality. It represents the cultural identity of the country and is a vital element of Tunisian cuisine.

This index is based on estimating the cost of preparing chicken couscous for a family of 4 people. The cost calculation takes into regards the ingredients of a single recipe which will be followed throughout the barometer. The dosages, composition and quantities remain unchanged.

The prices of the ingredients are proportional to the quantities used and correspond to the average price recorded in 3 major retail brands.

The couscous index is monthly and offers a proper perspective for Tunisian households concerned about their purchasing power and the management of their food budget.

As of September 21, 2023, the chicken couscous dish for 4 people costs 15.8 Tunisian Dinars.

The basic ingredients that go into preparing a chicken couscous dish are as follows:

Ingredients  Quantity (Kg or L)  Unit price*(in TND)  Price (TND)

500 gr of fine couscous   0.5          0.795                          0.398

6 pieces of chicken           1               9,425                           9,425

100 gr wet chickpeas       0.1           10,475                           1,048

3 onions                           0.3              1,060                            0.318

2 potatoes                       0.4               1,860                            0.744

1 tbsp Ras el Hanout      0.015            9,200                        0.138


1 tsp turmeric             0.005             10,700                       0.054

1 tbsp harissa           0.03                   10,867                        0.326

4 tbsp canned tomatoes   0.12           6,500                      0.780

1/2 glass olive oil               0.05           26,500                   1,325

1 tsp sweet red pepper powder  0.008 18,000              0.144

300 gr Slice of pumpkin          0.3       1,890                    0.567

200 gr of carrots                    0.2           2,515            0.503

Total price


*Unit price = Average price of a kilo or a liter registered in 3 major distribution brands in Tunisia

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