Ireland condemns ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestinian land by Israel

Ireland’s parliament has voted to denounce Israel’s “de facto annexation” of Palestinian land in what is stated as the first use of the phrase by an EU government concerning Israel.
Government and opposition parties joined to back a motion that excoriated Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.
The foreign minister, Simon Coveney, described the vote in the Dail, the lower house of parliament, a “clear signal of the depth of feeling across Ireland”
Sinn Fein’s leader Mary Lou MacDonald tweeted saying the motion “must mark new assertive, consistent confrontation of Israeli crimes against Palestine”.
The Palestinian ambassador to Ireland Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid praised Ireland and said the motion was ‘great support’ for Palestinians. She told The Times “This motion is giving great support to the issue of the de facto annexation that is happening in Palestine.”


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