Tunisia-Members of Parliament: Tunisia’s interest requires approving amendments to agreement establishing European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

During a day of parliamentary dialogue on the draft basic law related to approving the amendments to the agreement setting the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, MPs believed that Tunisia’s interest requires ratifying the amendment, given the influx of irregular migrants arriving from Sub-Saharan Africa, as Tunisia is seeing an increase in migration through its territory.

The representatives clarified, according to a statement to Parliament, that the purpose of expanding the scope of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s intervention to include Sub-Saharan African countries is to invest in these nations to promote development and mitigate the phenomenon of irregular migration.

During this parliamentary day, organized by the Parliamentary Academy under the supervision of House Speaker Ibrahim Bouderbala, and members of the Committee on Foreign Relations, International Cooperation, Affairs of Tunisians Abroad, and Migration, participants examined Tunisia’s benefits from its involvement in this deal via the completed projects, especially those related to infrastructure.

The committee’s rapporteur, Tariq Al-Rubai, remarked that the draft law relates to amending the agreement establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and expanding its geographical scope of intervention to include Sub-Saharan African countries.

Al-Rubai pointed out that Tunisia has been a member of the bank since 2011, and that the approval of member states to extend the scope of its intervention is a crucial measure for this amendment to enter into force.

Bouderbala expressed that this dialogue meeting is an embodiment of the decision of the Council Office on April 18, 2024, aimed at enhancing parliamentary work by considering draft laws and proposals.

He emphasised that such meetings are based on organizing internal dialogues between representatives to better understand the philosophy of legislative initiatives, their components, and goals, to completely grasp them before discussing them in the plenary session.

The Speaker of the Assembly of People’s Representatives highlighted the significance of restoring people’s confidence in parliamentary work through further improvement and development.

He underscored the forthcoming work of the legislative function in light of the launch of the National Council of Regions and Regions and the pending presentation of the draft law related to regulating the relationship between the two councils. He stressed readiness to examine it and determine mechanisms for successful legislative function based on harmony and joint work for the greater interest of the nation.

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