Photos of day – Belvedere monkeys no longer want your Kakis (thin breadsticks)

The images date from last Saturday, February 10, 2024, at the Belvedere Zoo, the sole animal park in the capital which has just celebrated its 60th anniversary.

We can see masses of Kaki littering the monkey enclosure. This breadstick made in Tunisia and an appetizer usually consumed by humans, has become the new emblem of the zoo but also its obsession. Even the animals don’t desire it anymore.

Veterinary authorities have frequently issued warnings to no longer feed the animals, especially with leftover bread and Kakis that visitors throw at the animals.

Signs posted in the park ban feeding the animals but to no avail.

Looking more closely at the photos, we can picture that these pieces of khaki were tossed with full force to hit the target! To feed or maybe not!

Nonetheless, these incarcerated animals end up falling sick not only from consuming this deadly Kaki but but also which polluting and poisoning their cages, ponds and pools that are already too small.

What would it take for zoo visitors to comprehend that they should no longer buy these death Kakis?

Why don’t we put an end to the sale of these bags of poison in every nook and cranny inside the park in full view of everyone?

It appears that animals are being monitored for fear that they will escape while waiting for them to die of Kaki.

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