Tunisia-68% of employees receive average base salary of less than 1000 dinars

According to the INS “Employment and Wages” survey, a structural survey carried out via direct questioning among a sample of companies randomly picked from the National Business Directory (RNE), the total number of workers after the year 2022, categorized by professional category and section of activity, reached 1,157,089, including 188,960 executives, 182,654 intermediate professions, 149,678 employees, and 635,796 workers.


The average basic wage paid to workers across all categories is 924 dinars. The average base salary given to permanent executives (16.3%) in all sectors is 1,698 dinars. For intermediate professions (15.8%), the average basic salary paid to permanent crew in all sectors is 1050 dinars

The average base salary paid to permanent workers (13%) in all sectors is 822 dinars. For workers (55%), the average basic wage paid to permanent workers in all sectors is 658 dinars.

Indeed, the average basic salary for employees and workers; i.e. 785,474 employees, 68% of the whole employees, is less than 1000 dinars.

“Tunisians require around 4,000 dinars per month to lead a decent life,” estimated economic expert Ridha Chkoundali in a statement given to Tunisie Numérique in early April.

If we refer to the results of a study by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on the average salary, estimated at 924 dinars, or approximately twice the guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG), Tunisian employees 3000 dinars on average per month to “live well”.

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