Tunisia-Abdallah Abidi does not exclude that the solidarity of Tunisia with Saudi Arabia was at its request

Former Diplomat Abdallah Abidi did not exclude that Saudi Arabia requested Arabic solidarity from certain countries, after the recent crisis linked to the decision of the “OPEC +” which prompted the Tunisian Ministry of  Foreign Affairs to publish a statement voicing its support for this decision.

He told Tunisie Numérique that a declaration of such significance in this circumstance and the world lives on the impact of the formation of a new geopolitical card linked only to the decision of Saudi Saudi Arabia to lower oil export worldwide.

The former diplomat said that Saudi Arabia changes geostrategic orientation in the region today and is in the process of installing other alliances with Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria, which is the Dominant pole of the region, and it is accordingly possible to conclude that Tunisia is likewise changing its geostrategic orientation and to examine its network of relations at regional and international levels, according to him.

He excluded that the declaration was only a support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not aware that this position was limited only to the decision of Saudi Arabia to raise the price of oil.

Concerning the possibility of the impact of this decision on American-Tunisian relations, our interlocutor assessed that the value of the loan that Tunisia has received, which is $ 1.9 billion, and whose case has yet to concluded, represents “a slap for Tunisia”, which demanded to obtain almost $ 5 billion, and it is perhaps Tunisia that is furious with this decision and reacted quickly, according to him.

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