Tunisia-[Audio]Abderraouf Betbaieb: Dissolution of the CSM is the last stage in the decomposition of state institutions

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, diplomat Abderraouf Betbaieb remarked on the last speech of the President of the Republic Kais Saied. “The decisions revealed late yesterday showed that the Head of State was concerned about this file. It was as if we were encountering a disaster. Indeed, Saied should have broadcast the image of a reassured leader who desires to bring citizens together,” he said.


Betbaieb told that Saied fell to pick the time and place for the discourse. The choice of the Ministry of the Interior to reveal the dissolution of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) is a political fault given the connection between the institution in question and the judiciary. “Saied broadcast a terrifying image that damages the neutrality of the Interior Ministry,” adds Betbaieb, adding that the ministry in question has spent more than a decade to set in place a republican security regime.


Remarking that the choice of the Ministry of Interior has additionally disrupted the situation, the former ambassador stated that Tunisia does not only need a republican regime at present but rather an adequate regime of citizenship. “We must concentrate on the messages transmitted online and abroad following these decisions. The dissolution of the CSM constitutes the last step in the decomposition of state institutions. This would be at the head of the dissemination of a bad image with our foreign partners,” he said, remembering that Tunisia is preparing to begin negotiations with international creditors including the IMF.

Betbaieb pointed to the intervention in cases in some legal bodies voicing concern over the interference in the judiciary. “The constitution was broken on July 25 following popular demands. I worried that other institutions would be dissolved in the same way based on the demands of a few hundred protesters. We could have returned to the democratic process in the country, which is not necessarily equal to a return before July 25. In fact, Tunisia’s problem is not institutional or constitutional but instead economic. It is time to lower the gaffe between citizens who have become divided over political speeches. All the parties involved must sit around the same table to overcome the general crisis in the country,” assures Betbaieb.

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