Tunisia-[Audio]Access of Qataris to land ownership: Kamel Akrout condemns

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, retired Admiral Kamel Akrout affirmed the regime in place is in the process of selling Tunisia to the highest bidder.

First, prime minister Hichem Mechichi communicated his intention to eliminate all constraints and restrictions that limit Libyans from accessing land ownership in Tunisia. Then he vows to the Qatari to remove all barriers that could create a handicap for Qatari investments in the nation, including relating to land ownership, he revealed.
These are strategic decisions that touch national security, and it is inconceivable that the prime minister would launch such an operation without even consulting other state institutions, he stated.

Emphasizing the significance of the homogeneity of political decisions, our speaker evoked the principle of the continuity of the State according to which a Government is bound by the actions of its predecessors, in particular concerning the ban of access foreigners owning agricultural land.

The Admiral further stressed the paradox which wants that the competencies of the prime minister are more important than those of the President of the Republic when he is not even elected.

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