Tunisia-Ayari: Presidency of Republic pledged to solve problem of Deputy teachers (Video)

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, the National Coordinator of Deputy Teachers Malek Ayari, noted that the national movement carried out by professors in front of the House Assembly of Representatives was important and different in terms of size, performance, and impact. Over 4,000 professors partook despite their challenging social situation.

Ayari stated that many Members of Parliament, especially those from the Parliament’s Education Committee, positively engaged with the protesting professors. A demand was submitted, underscoring key points such as the necessity for a session to hear from the Minister of Education and the activation of previous agreements.

Following the meeting, some representatives of deputy professors went to the Presidency of the Republic, meeting with a high-ranking official. They presented a request through the Citizen Relations Office and received a pledge to begin addressing their concerns within 15 days, aligning with the President’s role as the head of the Supreme Council for Education after the National Education Consultation.

Ayari explained that boycotting lessons is not currently being considered, stressing that the representatives prioritize the national interest, student well-being, and parents within the framework of public education. He also that protest movements may continue to escalate if the promises are not fulfilled.

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