Tunisia-Epidemic situation is dangerous according to COVID commission

The scientific committee for the fight against COVID-19 convened on Saturday, April 3, 2021, to answer inquiries from the Minister of Health regarding the latest developments in the epidemic situation and their repercussions on the health of citizens, the health system and the course of action of the social and economic sectors.

The meeting began with a presentation by the Director of the National Observatory for New and Emerging Diseases, Nissaf Ben Alaya. It remarked a significant degeneration in the different indicators at the national level during the 13th week of 2021, including especially:

  • The remarkable rise in new cases with a test positivity percentage of (22.9%) and virus reproduction factor (> 1).
  • 17 governorates and 95 delegations listed as dangerous to an extremely dangerous level
  • Increase in the number of patients in ICU units  and hospitals
  • Increase in the number of weekly deaths and an overall death rate of 75.3 per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Increase in British variant infections.

The reviews of the scientific committee, consequently, carried into consideration the data resulting from the analysis of the situation and the treatments applied during the first two waves as well as the potential factors of the worsening of the situation.

Among these factors, it was remarked:

  • -Remarkable leniency of citizens for isolation measures.
  • Introduction of new variants in the nation and the pace of their reproduction.
  • Lack of application of protocols by effective authorities
  • Difficulty in the application of health control measures at the borders.
  • Difficulties in following the recommendations of self-isolation and discovery of new variants.
  • Demand for a more sustained pace for vaccination
  • The great danger of inability to provide health services.

As a result, the scientific committee considers the epidemic situation to be dangerous and presented the Minister of Health with recommendations in line with the current situation.

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