Tunisia-Mohammad Safi: “All sectors will be invited to protest with aim of lowering policy of striking right to union work” [Video]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, General Secretary of the Federation of Secondary Education Mohammad Safi reported that the union’s administrative body, which met yesterday in the Hammamet region, made several critical recommendations. Among these was the decision to hold a press conference to examine various aspects of the educational establishment, including its equipment and educational system.

Furthermore, it was determined that a demonstration would be organized in April, inviting all people associated with the sector, educational institutions, and any sectors seeking to halt the systematic policy undermining the right to union work.

He stressed that the General University of Federation Education is urging the Supervisory Ministry to engage in negotiations to handle matters related to the deals of 2019 and 2023. He remarked that the Minister of Education is aware that the commitments drafted in these agreements have yet to be fulfilled, especially as the Ministry of Education has set certain conditions for these discussions. These conditions, which include stipulations regarding the number of participants and their identities, are regarded as contradictory to the principles of union work, as no entity has the right to impose such terms on the public university.

In concluding his statement, he insisted that dialogue stays the most viable solution for addressing the material realities facing teachers, the state of educational institutions, and the issues propagated on digital platforms, all to accomplish genuine reform of the educational system.


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