Tunisia-Al-Olaibi: “Agreement to hold periodic meetings between Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya will be important at these levels…” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, political analyst Farid Al-Olaibi provided insights concerning the results of the Seventh Gas Summit, emphasising the decision to set regular meetings every three months between Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya.

Al-Olaibi stressed that this agreement to address several shared concerns is important on two fronts. Economically, it paves the way for different cooperative projects between the three nations, set to commence in the next few days.

On a security level, the agreement holds particular significance due to the challenge of illegal migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia. Al-Olaibi stressed the critical necessity for coordination among these countries in managing this issue.

He stated that the inaugural meeting is planned to take place in Tunisia immediately following the month of Ramadan. Subsequent gatherings in Algeria and Tripoli will further deliberate on these matters. He voiced confidence that this tripartite approach will yield substantial outcomes, particularly given the shared challenges faced by the three countries.


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