Tunisia-Nejib Chebbi foresees unpleasant surprises in the days to come [Video]

Speaking at a press conference held this morning,  the National Salvation Front  leader Ahmed Nejib Chebbi examined the latest developments in the country, including the progress of the “Instalingo” and “Namaa” cases. Chebbi stated that media campaigns have been launched recently to prepare the ground for a series of detentions targeting high-level leaders.
“Several leaders could be invoked to court, including former prime minister Hammadi Jebali and former Defense Minister Abdelkarim Zbidi. I talked with the Head of the Ennahdha movement Rached Ghannouchi: He assured me that he has no relationship with the ‘Namaa’ association and that he will be heard by the courts in the context of the same case. Ghannouchi likewise told me that he foresees his detention in the coming period,” he said.
Nejib Chebbi said the general climate in the country is favourable for mobilizing people against opposition forces. “The Interior Ministry has launched a campaign targeting Ghannouchi, Abdelkarim Zbidi, the former head of government and other officials. We can anticipate new decisions targeting political opponents and threatening rights and freedoms in the coming days,” adds Chebbi, calling for respect for the presumption of innocence.

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