Tunisia-PM Mechichi visits leader Habib Bourguiba’s Mausoleum on Independence Day

Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi, Saturday, supervised a ceremony at late leader Habib Bourguiba’s Mausoleum in Monastir, on the 65th Anniversary of Independence.


Speaking to the media, PM Mechichi stated the selection of this monument as the starting point for the celebration of Independence Day is a chance to recollect the struggles of the late leader Habib Bourguiba and activists who accompanied him during the French colonisation and the phase of struggle and building of the national state.

“This choice affirms the engagement to persist on the route of building the national State and shield independent Tunisia and the unity of Tunisians, as a sign of respect and recognition for the sacrifices of our forefathers,” he pointed out.

Mechichi stressed that it falls on State institutions to operate in harmony and seek all the political class to give solutions to the crisis confronting Tunisian, especially at the economic level.


The PM declared the current situation entails all parties to join efforts to locate effective solutions to the country’s problems, “before it is too late”. He added that his administration team is making sustained efforts to mitigate the consequences of the crisis. “We are attending to the demands of all the segments of society,” he underlined. Mechichi also said, “the success of the government in achieving its goals depends on the contribution and determination of all stakeholders.”

The government has developed an economic recovery plan whose implementation, in collaboration with economic partners, needs the participation of all stakeholders, he further indicated. He additionally stressed that “only sustained efforts and mutual support between the powers will allow the government to get through this economic ordeal.”

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