Tunisia – Tunis Carthage Airport: Dismantling of an international network specializing in falsification and migrant smuggling

The judicial research service of the Border Police at Tunis-Carthage airport recently succeeded in dismantling an international network specializing in the falsification of travel documents, migrant smuggling, and the forgery of academic certificates, seals, and documents issued by public administrations.

Initially, two members of the gang were apprehended at Tunis-Carthage airport after the Border Procedures Authority found a fake European travel visa on one of their passports.

Afterwards, inquiries were conducted in coordination with the representative of the public prosecutor. During the investigation, the suspect admitted to obtaining the visa for a sum of 30 thousand dinars from his accomplices.

Through thorough investigations with both people, two other active members within the network were identified. Following coordination with the public prosecutor, they were also arrested. During the operation, a large quantity of counterfeit papers were seized, including those with forged seals of Tunisian ministries, public administrations, hospitals, and public and private universities. Additionally, a significant collection of falsified academic certificates, fake bank accounts, birth certificates, travel visa application files, and €755 in cash were confiscated.

Upon consultation with the Tunisian public prosecutor, the detention of all individuals implicated was authorized, and two legal proceedings were initiated. The first pertains to forgery and the use of forged documents, while the second concerns the production, possession, use, and fraud involving academic certificates, seals, and documents issued by Tunisian public administrations.

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