Tunisia-UGTT preparing vigorously for its March 2 rally

Since the announcement of the date of the organization on March 2, 2024 of the “workers’ rally” at the Kasbah, the different federations under the UGTT have called on their members to partake in this prominent meeting against a backdrop of “rupture” between the UGTT and the government.

The UGTT explained its call for this gathering by “the continued disruption of social dialogue since the publication of circulars 20 and 21 and the government’s renunciation of the implementation of the agreements of February 6, 2021, and September 15, 2022, signed with the central union”.

“All at the Kasbah Square to protect social dialogue, union rights, purchasing power and application of agreements and conventions”, these are the causes for the mobilization planned by the trade union centre for March 2.

To make this meeting a success, several meetings have already been organized by the union federations in different regions as part of preparations for the gathering on March 2.


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