Pro-Palestine demonstration in front of White House in Washington

Demonstrations have resumed in Washington, D.C., in front of the White House, to express support for the Palestinians and demand a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Protesters chanted slogans in solidarity with Palestine, condemning the ongoing war waged by the Israeli army in Gaza, resulting in tens of thousands of casualties.

The Auto Workers Union, representing 400,000 workers in the United States and over 580,000 retirees, called for a permanent ceasefire during its protest in front of the White House on Saturday. The union is the largest to advocate for a ceasefire.

Demonstrators voiced support for the resistance, denounced Zionist aggression, and protested against the ongoing massacres in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian flags were displayed during the protests.

In addition, a group of more than twenty people initiated a hunger strike in front of the White House. The hunger strikers pledged to abstain from food for five days to protest the deprivation of food and medicine in Gaza. Some participants, including actress Cynthia Nixon, committed to shorter periods of fasting.


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