Russia War in Ukraine (Gallery)

Little Vasyl is crying near the memory stele with a photo of his elder brother. Yehor Musa (call sign “Green”) from the city of Rivne was only 19 years old. He served in the “Da Vinci Wolves” special unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was killed fighting with Russian invaders near Bakhmut.

Local residents and tourists from Kiev come to Khreshchatyk to admire the Russian occupiers’ military equipment destroyed during the clashes with Ukrainian defense forces on August 21, 2023.

  1. A woman from the Kyiv region plants vegetables around a burnt-out Russian tank in her garden. The vehicle is waiting to be taken away. But for now, the remains of a Russian tank make a suitable container for compost.

A cat named Shayba helps his owner to defend Ukraine from the Russian invaders.

A Ukrainian girl rides a bicycle next to a destroyed Russian armored personnel carrier in the city of Sviatohirsk, the Donetsk region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated this settlement from Russian occupation in September 2022. August 10, 2023.

6. Russian terrorist drones struck the grain infrastructure in Odesa again. When someone in the world brings up the global food crisis, keep in mind that hunger has long been a favorite tool of the Russian policy.

Ukrainian artillerymen of the 1st Separate Special Purpose Brigade named after Ivan Bohun are firing at Russian positions from a Ukrainian self-propelled gun “Bohdan”. June 2023.

In Kharkiv, a city of a million people located not far from the border with Russia, which has been shelled almost daily since the beginning of the war, underground schools have started the school year. No educational institution in the city has such reliable shelter as the subway. Children will be safe here

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