Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


  • Despite the incredible difficulties, the Ukrainian counteroffensive continues. There are important achievements in the South.The Russians are making every effort to halt the Ukrainian offensive: they have increased their offensive operations in Ukraine’s east in order to tie Ukrainian forces there.The success of the counteroffensive is measured not only by the kilometres liberated, but also by the destruction of the enemy’s military potential.
  • The Ukrainian offensive is corresponding to the current situation. The pace of counteroffensive can be assisted by the provision of mine clearance equipment, air defence systems, artillery and ammunition, long-range missiles, including ATACMS, and armoured vehicles.
  • The main battles of the offensive operation of 2023 are still ahead.



  • Ukraine continues workingtogether with the UN and Turkey to restore the previous format of grain agreements because of it is critical nature in ensuring the food security of the world.
  • At the same time, options for alternative ways and formats of functioning of the grain corridor are being developed, considering the economic interests of the partner countries. The Ukrainian Navy has announced new temporary routes for civilian vessels to/from the Black Sea seaports of Ukraine.
  • International Maritime Organizationrecognized the right of Ukraine to free merchant shipping, which is guaranteed by the international law and called on Russia to comply with international conventions, to stop threats to merchant shipping in the Black Sea.
  • Consumers of Ukrainian foodshould put organized pressure on Russia to end its blockade of Ukrainian ports.



  • On August 5-6, a peaceful summit on the principles of restoring a sustainable peace for Ukraine was held in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), with the participation of representatives of more than 40 countries.
  • It`s in interest of the whole worldto achieve peace for Ukraine.The continuation of Russian aggression has devastating consequences for the global economy, social sphere, environment, international security system, and international law.
  • All participants of the summit demonstrated their commitment to the principles of the UN Charter, international law, and respect for the sovereignty and inviolability of the territorial integrity of states. The presence of the Chinese delegation at the Summit is a serious signal of Beijing’s readiness to act on the Ukrainian issue without regard for Russia.



  • The development of relations with African countries is one of the priorities of Ukraine’s foreign policy. The proof of such importance is demonstratedthrough regular visits to the region by Ukraine’s Foreign Minister. African partners are informed in detail about the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine and its devastating consequences.
  • The Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg was not a triumph for Moscow’s foreign policy. The representation of African leaders was lower than expected. African leaders have made it clear that they need not the Putin’s charity in supplying grain, but Russia’s compliance with its obligations under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.
  • Supporting Ukraine does not mean being “pro-Western” or “anti-Western,” it means adhering to the principles of International Law, rejection of aggression, oppression, and genocide.
Source: Ukrainian embassy in Tunisia

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