Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


• On February 14, the Ukrainian Defence Forces destroyed Caesar Kunikov, a large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Caesar Kunikov was destroyed in the territorial waters of Ukraine near the temporarily occupied Crimea while transporting military cargo.

• This is another significant achievement of the unmanned fleet of Ukraine. The large landing ship was sunk by five Magura V5 sea drones. The defence forces keep on destroying enemy ships.


• On February 12, the EU Council approved a resolution making it possible to use the profits from the frozen assets of Russia in favour of Ukraine. Western sanctions have frozen approximately USD 300 bln of Russian assets; most of them are in EU countries.

• Russian aggression has caused and continues to cause significant damage to Ukraine. In addition, Russia illegally misappropriates Ukrainian property seized in the temporarily occupied territories, as well as the assets of Western countries that remain in this territory.

• Using frozen assets of Russia to rebuild Ukraine is a fair and expedient decision. The aggressor must compensate for the damage caused.


• The former Russia’s Wagner Group re-emerges as the Africa Corps – a state-sanctioned mercenary force under direct Russian control. Russia’s latest deployment of Africa Corps to Burkina Faso in January 2024, fuels concerns about deepening regional instability. The contingent of about 100 Russian military personnel with promises of further deployments raise questions about Russia’s true intentions and constitute its expansionist agenda on African soil.

• Africa Corps is a sinister extension of its military ambitions, actively recruiting fighters from former Wagner operatives and fresh recruits in Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, CAR and Niger with the target of 20 000 soldiers.

• Putin’s regime cynically views Africa as a limitless pool of expendable soldiers, using narratives about Western colonialism to both bait recruits and justify its aggression against Ukraine. Russia needs cannon fodder like never before and seeks to turn Africans into weapons that will choose servitude in another’s war, not their own future.

• Ukraine believes that empowered Africa holds its future in its grasp. This generation’s choice will define its legacy: rewrite history by standing united against neocolonial threats or repeat its painful lessons in a new guise.




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