Survey on Tunisians and COVID-19 vaccine: 29.3% of Tunisians are reluctant regarding vaccine

Tunis Survey, a leading expert in online surveys and digital studies, has just released the results of its latest inquiry on “Tunisians and COVID-19 vaccine”.

The study aims to understand the Tunisian approach towards the COVID-19 vaccine. This survey is based on a self-administered online questionnaire.

It should be remarked that this is the second wave of the inquiry. As a reminder, the first wave, which took place from February 25, 2021, to March 9, delivered some rather interesting results, in particular, that 36% of Tunisians want to be vaccinated.

The second wave took place from April 22 to 28, 2021.

For this wave, the sample size after the screening is 1920 respondents.

A good portion of Tunisians still reluctant

When questioned “Are you going to get vaccinated against COVID-19?”, 55.9% of respondents said YES.

The reluctant category represents 29.3% of respondents with 18.1% who reject the vaccine and 11.2% who still do not know whether they will be vaccinated or not.

14.8% of respondents said they had been vaccinated before.

Women are more hesitant than men

By coupling uncertainty and aversion, 47.1% of women are reluctant to receive the vaccine against 25.9% for men.

Age category “Under 49s” & the “50s and over”: NOs & YES

  • The ‘Under 49’ ’are still averse to the vaccine.

The younger the population, the lower the vaccine acceptance percentages. Those under 30 are 64.1% reluctant against only 32.8% YES.

  • The 50 and over ’’ are the age group who say they desire to be vaccinated.

The older the population, the lower the reluctance rates. Taking YES and those who have already been vaccinated into account, those aged 70 and over have an 86.9% acceptance rate as opposed to 13.3% hesitatnt.

Pfizer-BioNTech and Sputnik V are the most “chosen”!

Answering the question, “If you are going to get the vaccine and you have a choice, which COVID vaccine will you pick?” The respondents chose:

  • 64.5% Pfizer-BioNTech;
  • Sputnik V at 12.6%;
  • Sinovac up to 3.9%.

It should be noted, nevertheless, that 15.5% of respondents do not know which vaccine to select.

Confidence to get vaccinated

Asking the question, “Why are you not going to get vaccinated?” It seems that lack of confidence is a significant barrier to getting vaccinated.

59.4% of respondents state they will not get vaccinated because they do not trust the vaccines.

13.8 %justify this choice because they have already been sick and accordingly consider themselves immune.

12.1% decline to be vaccinated because they are against vaccination in general.

The vaccination campaign is progressing …

32.3% of those who have already been vaccinated received the 2 doses of vaccine against 67.7% anticipating to be called.

94.4% of those vaccinated claim to have had no or only mild effects. They are 73.3% who were administrated Pfizer-BioNTech.


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