Tunisia-Ounaies:“Iranian response to Israel is historical precedent, and it is unlikely that Israel will re-target Iran” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, former diplomat, Ahmed Ounaies, remarked on the declining situation in the Middle East region and the recent threats directed by Israel to Iran, through which it pledged to respond to the attack that targeted it a few days ago.

Ounaies noted that for weeks, the region has been engulfed in ongoing warfare, with Israel continuously destroying Arab lands in Gaza and Lebanon. In reply, Lebanon and Yemen have intermittently launched military strikes targeting Israeli territory and ships heading towards it.

Our speaker stated that in recent days, Israel intentionally targeted an Iranian establishment in Damascus, which required Iran to react legitimately in self-defence. It, in turn, targeted Israeli military sites, not civilian ones, and it revealed this step in advance to Israel’s allies. , who in turn were subjected to these strikes to mitigate the harm to the planned military target from Iran.

He stated that this response is unprecedented in history, as it marks the first instance of a non-Arab but Islamic neighbour targeting Israel. He stressed that Israel will refrain from launching another strike against Iran in the coming days without prior notice to the United States. He stressed that these threats made by Israel primarily concern Washington, and if the latter becomes aware of an attack targeting Iran in the coming days, it will notify the targeted country.


Clarifying in this context that Israel’s threat to American policy by menacing Iran is to place pressure on the United States to make a greater effort to pressure the Palestinians and their allies in the Arabian Peninsula to free the Israeli and American hostages held by the Palestinian resistance because the presence of Israeli detainees in Palestine throughout this period is a historical precedent that harms the “holiness of Israel.”

Adding that, with this step, Israel is also aiming to drag Western countries into a battle against Iran and Yemen so that it can regain its status and territorial integrity, which is a new historical situation that the Arab Levant is undergoing.

Concerning the possibility of a war breaking out in the region in the coming days, the diplomat and former minister indicated that it is unlikely that Israel will target Iran, because this attack, if it takes place, will target Iranian nuclear bases. Otherwise, it will have no meaning and may produce an advanced response by Iran that will not appreciate its military capabilities. Neither the Israeli nor the American response.

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