Togo: USA and Germany install Coastal States Stability Mechanism


The United States and Germany are subtly reinforcing their influence in Africa. Both countries, sharing a unified vision in Niger, are quietly solidifying their existence there—careful not to upset France, they also expand their partnership to Togo. The Coastal States Stability Mechanism (MSEC), a collaborative initiative aimed at stopping conflicts, was officially launched in Lomé on Thursday, February 22, during a ceremony that also emphasised the Emergency Program for the Savanes Region (PURS).

MSEC is committed to actively supporting PURS and local communities in their efforts to deter the roots of instability stretching from the Sahel to West Africa’s coast. The German and American ambassadors in Togo have voiced their optimism concerning the positive outcomes of the MSEC and PURS partnership.

Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, the American envoy to Togo, highlighted the U.S. government’s unwavering commitment to preventing violent conflicts before they arise. She stated, “We are confident that through cooperation with governments, organizations, and communities, we can create conditions for sustained regional stability.”

Claudius Fischbach, the German Ambassador, highlighted the significance of backing PURS’s operational coordination to facilitate a swift and effective response to the challenges facing the Savanes region. In support of PURS’s objectives, the two nations provided a Toyota 4×4 vehicle and five laptops to aid its operations.

The support for PURS extends beyond the USA and Germany; the Togolese government also receives backing from the World Bank and the West African Development Bank (BOAD).


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