Tunisia-Abdellatif Aloui: “I am the first to wish for this Parliament to go to hell”

Al Karama MP Abdellatif Aloui revealed that on a personal level, he was the first to wish for “this Parliament goes to hell”.
He stated being a member of Parliament brought out the worst part of him. Some of my readers have told me, “When you read what you write, you are bewildered how you hit rock bottom when you are around Samia or Abir”.
“Yes, I too have constantly hated living these moments or even remembering them”, he lamented, recalling that even “the always smiling and worthy late Mehrzia Abidi” lost her composure in the face of this “deluge of baseness ”.
However, the question has nothing to do with what I may feel, it is about democracy, state institutions and election results … We do not treat the illness by killing the patient”, said he added.

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