Tunisia-Abid Briki: If the government passes, the parties will be devalued, and if it doesn’t , Kais Saied will achieve his ultimate goal

Speaking  to Shems FM, secretary-general of “Tunisie en Avant “Abid Briki affirmed that President of the Republic, Kais  Saied has called in his comments after the assassinations that took place in the country in 2013, for the departure of all parties, because he has another vision, which is the formation of a “council system .”

He added that the initial step in the course of devaluing the parties is to assign a figure proposed by a party and a half, namely Elyes Fakhfakh, to form the government. The second process of devaluing parties involved putting their proposals aside and choosing a figure  not proposed by any party, “which means the end of the parties’ role in forming the government.”

He indicated that the President of the Republic, Kasi Saied, is working in steps that involve a lot of political sharpness and do not contradict the constitution.

He  stated that the head of state had reached a goal of devaluing  parties, but his  goal was to dissolve parliament, highlighting that “if the government passes, the parties will be devalued, and if they do not pass, Saied will achieve his ultimate goal.”


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