Tunisia-Al-Obaidi: Al-Arouri assignation in Beirut is an effort by Israel to widen fighting circle [Video]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, former diplomat Abdullah Al-Obeidi underscored that the assassination of Hamas deputy leader Saleh Al-Arouri in Beirut is an effort by Israel to widen the fighting circle.

Al-Obaidi noted that Netanyahu confronts several internal and external problems, particularly in light of the Iranian escalation, adding that attention is turning to Hassan Nasrallah’s statement today, on whether or not he is moving towards escalation.

The same source also indicated that Israel threatened to turn Lebanon into a second Gaza in the event of an escalation by Hezbollah by bombing Israel or persisting in its armed hostility.

The former diplomat reiterated that this assassination primarily serves the personal interests of Netanyahu and the far-right party, and helps him get out of the crisis, and in return, it would expand the circle of conflict in the region.

As a reminder, the Hamas movement announced that Israel had assassinated in a targeted drone attack the deputy head of the movement’s political bureau, Saleh Al-Arouri, and two Al-Qassam leaders.


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