Tunisia-Araibi comments on test results in Moussi case: “We had fears of fraud, but there is no data to indicate that.” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numerique,  PDL Leader Abir Moussi’s attorney Mr Nafi Al-Araibi remarked today on the results of the mobile phone test issued yesterday. Al-Araibi voiced the defence team’s confidence in the file, underscoring the self-confidence of Moussi.

Al-Araibi stressed that the leader of the Free Constitutional Party confirmed that no actions were constituting a crime on her mobile phone. He underlined her commitment to national issues and sovereignty.

While admitting the lawyers’ concerns and fears about the potential for fraud, particularly in the context of advancements in artificial intelligence, especially since the fraud happened in the actual records and complaints have been filed in this regard and the issue has been circulated in Media too.

Regarding the defence team’s request to view the surveillance camera footage, Al-Araibi noted that the request was not granted. He suggested that there might be a reluctance to provide evidence that could further prove innocence.

Al-Araibi concluded by commenting that the next steps for the defence team involve discussing and clarifying the reported test results, a standard practice in such cases. He also mentioned that release demands would be presented as a logical consequence of the findings.


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