Tunisia-Annual spring meetings…could they open the door to resuming Tunisia’s negotiations with IMF?

Tunisia partakes in the annual spring sessions of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which meet in Washington from April 15 to 20, 2024. The participating Tunisian delegation includes the Minister of Economy and Planning, Ferial Warghi Al-Subaie, the Central Bank Governor, Fathi Zuhair Nouri, and the Director of the President’s Office Government: Samia Charafi.

Concerning the significance of this participation, economic expert Ridha Chakandali told Tunisie Numérique that these annual meetings act as platforms during which the IMF, the World Bank, and other international financial establishments present their programs. Their goal is to convince member states of the validity of their approaches. When the reports are issued, member states gain insights that can inform their activities and the direction of engagement with these establishments.


Chakandali noted that international financial institutions furthermore raise noteworthy and modern international issues during these meetings, such as climate change, the increase in indebtedness in the world, and other topics, with the purpose of convincing member states that have shares in the Fund that they care about these issues.

However, concerning Tunisia, there is still vagueness regarding whether the country will turn to the International Monetary Fund or not, as the final stance is not yet clear. Particularly since the reforms suggested by the International Monetary Fund and included in the official state budget document are in the process of being executed, except for one point linked to the issue of support.

The economist added that on the sidelines of these meetings and in light of the new geopolitical developments and developments in the situation in Gaza, which could negatively impact all the financial conditions of donor countries and grow the difficulty of borrowing in hard currency for Tunisia, Tunisia can examine its options. It is heading towards the International Monetary Fund, which may result in side meetings on the sidelines of these annual meetings, for the participating Tunisian delegation, which will divulge Tunisia’s opinion and its direction towards progress in negotiations with the International Monetary Fund again.

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