Tunisia-(Audio)Secretary-General of the Federation of Food Products: Lobbies desire to starve people

The Secretary-General of the Federation of Food Products Saber Tebini confirmed that a shortage has been marked in the availability of semolina and flour in several areas of the Republic.
In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, Tebini believed that some parties are storing these basic necessities, to speculate on the market, particularly since the State plans to gradually grow subsidies. In addition, he expressed that the cereals office has confirmed that it has injected sufficient quantities of flour into all Tunisian markets, but bakeries are still complaining about the lack of supply, which confirms that there is a missing link.
He correspondingly insisted on the significance of finding an urgent solution, indicating that this problem is largely explained by the existence of lobbies that desire to starve the people, according to him.

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