Tunisia – Briki calls for reconciliation between government and UGTT

Abid Briki, the Secretary-General of the Tunisia Forward Movement, talked to the media following his re-election as the movement’s leader. Briki stressed that for any leader aspiring to prioritize investment in the next stage of governance, two critical factors must be present: political stability, which has been lacking under earlier administrations, and a socially safe atmosphere with favourable conditions. He attributed the assurance of security to the cooperative efforts between the governing bodies and the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT).

Briki voiced concerns about the current state of the UGTT, remaking from the recent news that the union is experiencing a challenging period. He stressed the UGTT’s importance as a national institution, underlining its role extends beyond socio-economic aspects to national concerns. Briki pointed out the union’s crucial role in interpreting and reacting to the effects of international changes that Tunisia faces, suggesting that any significant events in the country needs the union’s involvement. He stressed the significance of the government engaging with the trade union due to its considerable national influence.
Further, Briki urged the Union and the Authority to embrace dialogue, warning against actions that might escalate tensions and conflicts. He advocated for a focus on national interests over the amplification of disputes between the two entities, emphasising the necessity of cooperation for the country’s progress.


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