Tunisia-Oueidat: Term “criminalization of normalization” will be changed so law is consistent with Head of State’ statements [Video]

MP of the Sovereign National Line bloc Abdel-Razzaq Oueidiat revealed to Tunisie Numérique that the upcoming session on February 26, devoted to examining the law criminalizing normalization, will involve proposals for amendments across several articles .

Oueidiat explained that the draft law will undergo reconsideration and voting will resume, starting from the third chapter, without public review. He revealed that the proposed amendment will pertain to the third chapter, to be presented during the plenary session. If accepted, it will be incorporated into the first and second chapters, keeping consistency with the title as well. As per Chapter 12 of the bylaws, any heretofore voted on and amended chapter can be referred to.

Concerning the amendments to be proposed by the Sovereign National Line bloc, Oueidiat declared that they will align with the prevailing public demand among representatives and Tunisian public opinion. This indicates that the law will omit explicit mentions of the term “normalization” or the notion of criminalization, opting rather for the term “high treason.”

In his last statement, the MP confirmed that this amendment will also be in alignment with the general approach of the President of the Republic, which talks of high treason against the Palestinian people and not on normalization, which is an issue related to recognition of the Zionist entity.

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