Tunisia-COLEC calls on Tunisian authorities to abolish the criminalization of cannabis

Following the decision of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs to remove the listing of the cannabis as a risky drug and to place it on the list of substances with medicinal benefits, the Collective for the Legalization of Chanvre (COLEC) informs the public opinion of its plan.

The move follows recommendations from the World Health Organization, whose investigation has demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It was voted by an absolute majority of member states, including Morocco, says COLEC.

After this international, scientific and medical recognition, COLEC calls on the Tunisian government and parliament to:

1. Quickly abolish the criminalization of cannabis use, which has left 200,000 Tunisians in prison, one of the most recent grievances of the Republic of Tunisia.

2. Organize a national discussion on cannabis, with the assistance of political actors, civil society and international experts, in order to draft a working document on the legalization of cannabis in Tunisia and the legalization of its medicinal use and industrial; due to the international acceptance of the cultivation of the cannabis plant and its medical and industrial use, and in the face of the collapse of the national economy, unemployment and poverty among Tunisian youth.


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