Tunisia-Details of new adjustments to drinking water prices for various uses

The Official Journal of the Tunisian Republic, in its latest edition released on Friday, March 1, 2024, revealed a new decree issued by the Minister of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries concerning the pricing of drinking water.

This decree outlines an adjustment in water prices, especially targeting water employed for tourist purposes by raising its cost while maintaining the prices for domestic use (not connected to the network) unchanged.

For tiered pricing of drinking water, excluding value-added tax, the ministry has decided to maintain the price per cubic meter for consumption not surpassing 20 cubic meters per quarter at 0.200 dinars.

For consumption levels beyond 20 cubic meters but not surpassing 40 cubic meters, there’s an increase in the price, fixed at 0.740 dinars per quarter, up from the previous 0.665 dinars. For consumption between 40 cubic meters and 70 cubic meters, the new price is 1.040 dinars, up from 0.930 dinars. The price for consumption between 70 cubic meters and 100 cubic meters has been increased to 1.490 dinars from 1.310 dinars. Again, for consumption levels between 100 cubic meters and 150 cubic meters, the rate has been adjusted to 1.770 dinars, up from 1.540 dinars. For consumption exceeding 150 cubic meters, the new rate is 2.310 dinars, an increase from 1.990 dinars.

These adjusted rates are applicable across all subscription types, except those for tourist use and development groups in the agriculture and fishing sectors.

Especially, the water tariff for tourist use has been set at 2.310 dinars per cubic meter, marking an increase from the 2022 rate of 1.990 dinars. The tariff for domestic use not related to the network remains steady at 0.200 dinars per cubic meter.

The implementation of these new rates, which cancel and supersede the decree from November 30, 2022, will affect consumption bills generated following the decree’s activation.


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