Tunisia-Final clap for seiff Eddine Makhlouf, return to prison cell (video)

Al Karama coalition member Seïf Eddine Makhlouf was caught up in the racket he had caused in March 2021 at Tunis-Carthage airport. On the night of Friday to this Saturday, January 21, approximately 15 police officers in civil clothes went to his home to arrest him and bring him back to prison. His attorney, Ines Harrath, who was on the scene, was bruited this police raid….

Remark that the vice-president of the dissolved parliament, Samira Chaouachi and the member of the National Salvation Front Chaima Issa were likewise on site. Surveyed by the police, Seïf Eddine Makhlouf attempted to change the fist in the air and some of his supporters chanted “down with Kais”, “down with the coup”, and “Long live Tunisia ”.

Recall that the military court of appeal had given its verdict on Friday in the airport case, and Makhlouf was condemned to fourteen months in detention. His comrades from Al Karama got a little better: Nidhal Saoudi took seven months in prison, Mohamed Affes and Maher Zid five months. As for Abdellatif Aloui, he benefited from a dismissal …

Maitre Mehdi Zagrouba, who defended the female subject to  S17 was forbidden to leave Tunisia, received eleven months in prison and will not be able to exercise his profession for five years.

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